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Don't be a stuck Martial Artist!

You are not making the progress you want to? Even though you train your strength, endurance, speed or flexibility in addition to your martial arts? If so, then learn how to get unstuck by becoming a New Generation Martial Artist.

The 5 stages of Martial Arts

What level do you want to reach?

Take this 4-minute quiz to grade your training in one of the 5 levels of martial arts.. Get instant access to a FREE analysis and learn what steps will help you get to the next level.

Become a New Generation Martial Artist!

Developing creativity is not a natural process - but growing old, on the other hand, is. Since we need energy for every action, we automatically try to be as efficient as possible. But this attempt only leads us into a downward spiral of paralyzing routine and promises us only an apparent security but no growth. 

You need to acquire an energy plus to find the strength entering the unknown and explore new ways. Leave routines, become alive and meet the doubt. Experience that you can be anything you want to and create your own reality!

There is no standstill - If you don't improve, you automatically get worse.

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The Jeet Kune Do Masterclass is the fastest way to progress. Based on the art of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, we dive deep into the matter of martial arts. The program is currently closed. When it opens its doors again for a limited time, you will be the first to know. Sign up for the waiting list.

Rolf Schoffers

Founder and director of FUDOCHI-DOJO

Over the past 40 years, he has helped hundreds of people realize their full potential through focused martial arts training.

After decades of training with top martial artists around the world, such as former Bruce Lee students and international health, nutrition and movement experts, he developed his unique NGM training method.

This proven method opens the way to untapped potential that lies dormant in everyone to realize their own personal freedom.

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